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Enjoué Studio is an expression of my design style and 24 years of experience in the events industry. In that time, I've developed a vast knowledge and expertise to design, plan, and produce completely unique celebrations in a truly one-of-a-kind way.

To me, event design is a way to craft something beautiful, multi-dimensional and unforgettable for others.

Ultimately, Enjoué means overjoyed- which is the precise feeling I hope you have before, during, and after your celebration.

Owner & Principal Designer

Kara Moon

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Elia Ovalle

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Kelly Ritter

Lead Event Planner

Kendall Starr

Design & Production Manager

Madeline Schugel

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Discover the perfect combination of design and planning.

Like you, we want to wow your guests with an unforgettable experience. That's why our designs go far beyond standard details like linens and centerpieces.

With us, every celebration starts as a blank canvas completely designed around your vision, style, and the experience you want your guests to have. Then, we spend 150-200+ hours creating an original design around your priorities and the personality of your party. Combined with our organized, transparent, and detailed planning there's no doubt this celebration will be breathtaking.

Design and Production


- Kelly Doonan, Kelly Doonan Events

“Kara is a wealth of knowledge with impeccable style!”

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Prior to Enjoué Studio, I earned my degree in graphic design which fueled my passion for interior design, architecture, landscape design, and the visual arts- all elements I still draw inspiration from today. Since then, I've worked all over the Rocky Mountain West, creating luxury events. From high end resorts to private tented estates and remote mountain locations, each provided its own unique opportunities to design within.

Oftentimes, in the events industry, a design focuses on the season, the colors, or the flowers. Instead, we go beyond the expected, and passionately create designs that express your personality and your style. By drawing inspiration from elements worthy of your own home- like a gorgeous tapestry or an Hermes tray, we incorporate textural elements and worldly sophistication. And by constantly seeking to create unique experiences, we'll design a distinctive concept that is truly bespoke for you.

We'll help you discover what you like and then use immersive design, art, texture, light, and shape to transform a space into something that you and even your most discerning guests will remember for a lifetime.



Tori & Adam

“It was truly perfect and better than we ever imagined.”

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You won't have to worry about little details falling through the cracks because I not only began my career as a wedding planner but also worked for a large scale catering company and several event design firms. Needless to say, I know how to manage every element of your event, from generators and lighting, to floor plans and serving pieces. And how elements like food service and those details of hospitality relate to the overall design of your guest's experience.

You can feel confident knowing when you choose the Enjoué team, everything will be handled with the highest attention to detail. Because we think of producing a celebration a lot like creating a home. You have to build it right before you decorate it. This is why we've created organized systems to cover and track every important detail. We've built trusted industry connections to ensure you have the very best helping us bring your vision to life. And we seamlessly manage all of the logistics of your celebration, so you can truly enjoy it.



- Bob Ostertag

“Kara was very attentive to changes or concerns we had, they laid out a very extensive time table and then followed it.”