You won't find us doing the same thing twice. Instead, we're constantly drawing inspiration from architecture, history, fine art, fashion, and stage design. And giving nods to those distinctive elements throughout our designs.

By embracing the destination and designing a space to its full potential, we create show stopping celebrations that are guaranteed to impress.



Interior Design

At Enjoué Studio, planning, design, decor, and production come together, offering an experience unlike any other.

Complete Package


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Receive everything needed to ensure seamless on-site production, and an experience your guests will always remember. Once the design concept is concrete, we'll thoughtfully cover every detail of planning from RSVPs and meal preferences to table seating and transportation logistics.



Know what to expect from the beginning. We'll learn about you, your style, and inspirations. From there, we'll begin our design concept. We'll create a detailed cost estimate, source custom pieces, and get production timelines based on your preferences and the one-of-a-kind design we'll create for you.



Receive the dedicated attention you deserve. As a small core team, you'll have one point of contact throughout design and planning.



- Jill Mitchell

“They handled everything and we could concentrate on enjoying the day.”


Our philosophy: Every celebration is unique, and every design should be too. So, we tailor our proposals to include exactly what you need.

is custom.




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Never wonder if your vision will be translated because we'll bring it to life long before the event day arrives. Throughout the planning process, we'll share sketch renderings, aerial diagrams, dimensional renderings, and sample mockups of decor that offer a multi-faceted view of each space.


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See the design come together before the actual celebration. We'll create mock-up samples of every design detail including linens, chairs, tableware, flatware, and everything needed to help you envision it in advance.


Full-Scale Visuals

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Take your celebration from great to exceptional. After 24 years experience planning and designing events, our knowledge of the big and little details ensures a seamless and memorable experience. We'll prepare every important detail and timeline in advance to ensure you're relaxed leading up to your day.


Blissful Planning

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Feel confident with experienced professionals you can trust. We are fully transparent from the very beginning. We'll help you establish a realistic budget, and communicate to you what is truly possible. Keeping you informed along the way through a few key touch points, we turn the detailed plan into an unforgettable event.


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Rest assured, we'll personally ensure everything works together to create a memorable experience by staying mindful of the little details that elevate the experience, like lighting design, to ensure every detail stands out. We'll also work closely with floral designers and creative partners that serve as an important extension of our designs.

Event Management

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Receive a white-glove experience all around. We deeply value our relationships and collaboration with the top industry creatives. And we'll only partner with professionals whose values and quality standards align with our own in order to give you the best.


World-Class Connections

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If culture, heritage, and art excite you, you'll love what we come up with. We source from small boutique companies and artisans from around the world. In your design, you might see woven chargers made in Colombia or flatware from Provence. Whatever it takes to make your event "pop", we'll find it or fabricate it using our resources in carpentry, welding, and beyond.


Creative Sourcing

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Rest-assured knowing we will be there to make sure the design is delivered to perfection. Our team stays on-site to personally oversee the care and placement of the pieces we provide.


White-Glove Delivery

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- Morgan & Jack

“We absolutely could not have done it without Enjoué Studio! Everytime we look back at the pictures, we think of all the great memories we made. We had an absolutely amazing weekend, and Enjoué Studio made that possible.”


You won't find any collection of rentals as artistic, unique, and versatile as ours. Available exclusively to our design clientele and limited planning partners - all of our unique chandeliers, curated tableware, decor accessories, and old world items are sourced from small boutique companies, estate finds, and special partnerships from all around the world.

Our unique pieces are the same quality materials and textures worthy of your own home. Thoughtfully selected to express culture, heritage, and global styles, all of our pieces are used intentionally to elevate the design we tailor specifically for you.


Enjoué Collection

- Lauren Heiler, Todd Events

“Unique, timeless, high quality rentals.”